This is my hardcase

THE THING that I love most about international transit centres such as Singapore Airport is that you can stand in the middle and listen to a dozen different conversations; each in a separate language I have no hope of understanding. So many people on different paths, the murmur melding itself into one vibrating hum of hope and adventure.

As I write this I have moved on from Changi…only a few hours but a great many more kilometres, where I now find myself on a train between Zurich and Aarau in Switzerland. Trains are without a doubt my favourite form of transportation. They are fast and efficient, yet smooth enough that they permit me to enjoy the view and a coffee at the same time. It’s like travelling in a high speed coffee shop. Switzerland is without a doubt the best place to do it too…one minute you are in a green valley, and the next you are exiting the depths of a dark stone tunnel to find yourself flying through cloud banks of snow amidst alpine lakes and chalets…magical. It’s a cheesy description, I know; but if you are ever lucky enough to experience it, then I am confident you will agree that it is the correct one.

I am here for work, but am lucky enough to find time to visit an old friend, her family, and her song namesake son, Laurin. My travel regime didn’t permit me to bring a full size guitar, but I’ve brought along my uke in the cutest little hardcase you’ve ever seen – think mafia violin meets Lego. In any case it will be fun to work out how to play my songs on the little four string…wish me luck!

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