Charles de Gaulle

I have been in France for just over 6 weeks now.  It feels great to be back here after such a long time away, although it is a double edged sword being here, and hearing about great gigs and projects back home, such as the new work coming through from Edward Guglielmino.  So, to feel better, I have been staying true to my word, and prodding along with my laptop to make a bunch of low tech releases.  The first of these is Charles de Gaulle, which I literally wrote about 45 minutes after landing in Europe.  I was standing in the cold at the airport, waiting for the bus that would take me and my luggage to my new life, and I was tinkering on the ukulele when the idea came to me.  I hope the others come this easily!

I have also found a studio here, and a small place where I can discretely jump on stage to play a few new pieces here and there.  In short, I have hit the jackpot.

Stay tuned.

bienvenue à Paris

Charles de Gaulle (on bandcamp)

Baguette Me Not

Patrick (Returning) by cowper

After successfully living in Sweden, I got the taste for Europe…and I wanted more. I moved to Italy, but the visa ran out. Then I was moving to England. I even had the visa and plane ticket in hand for that one before that fell through. Next was Spain…but the GFC put an end to that attempt.

This is the albeit literal way I’ve chosen to let every one know that I’m about to embark on a rather large change in my life. I got a few things wrong in the recording like the date, and ‘North’ instead of ‘South’…but suffice to say if you look for me in Brisbane after September 3rd, you will not succeed. I suggest you try Paris…at least for the next two years, anyway.

Bird Lives!

…not that I claim to be ‘Bird’…but I thought it high time that I start actually working on my music rather than someone elses…

so, without further adieu…I just got back from Europe again. Here is a lo-fi injection :)



Rails (Stockholm to Jönköping) from Cowper on Vimeo.

…it all became a blur.

Days 3 to 5 went by so quickly.

Something like this:

Day 3
Previous Night’s Bedtime: ~1am
Woke up: 8am and hurty

Day 4
Previous Night’s Bedtime: ~1am
Woke up: 9:45am in a really really big bed

Day 5
Previous Night’s Bedtime: ~3am ?
Woke up: 8:45am in the frosty Mt of Woomba










Thursday night was sufficiently documented.  Somewhere in there Friday started, which was were we played at the Sound Lounge at the Currumbin RSL.  Besides one of the best riders ever, this night takes the prize for the memory of the tour – a freestyle all bands in jam with Ed covering Gangsta’s paradise whilst I played the drums for the first time ever on stage…and I have it all on film :)

I may even reveal it one day.

For now, though, the tour is done.  The undercut has taken a backseat to a tider hairstyle, and a new job.  But it also means I can get back to recording and playing at home – although I’m playing for burgers this weekend at Urgeapalooza! if  you feel inclined to gorge yourself on haloumi with me :)


Day 2

Previous Night’s Bedtime: ~3am
Woke up: 7:45am

Yessss! Sleep in SUCCESS!! And an appropriate bedtime too.  I’m adapting quickly.  Today was a blur of nothings…relaxing on the front porch; playing on the piano; an hour or two of computer games………excellent time well spent.  The gig last night at The End was a blast too – 5 of us crammed into a small corner with plenty of friendly people enjoying a rainbow beer.  Best of all “Endless Summer”, the quintessential  surf film, played on a screen behind us the entire time.  Perfect.  The last thing I remember is a pink cocktail served in a jam jar that contained actualjam.  Everything since that time is just a blur of smiles.  I’m currently typing this post quickly as it’s been a busy morning of coffee shops, and we’re about to load up the car to head down to Currumbin for tonight’s show.


It really is nice to have all the time in the world just to do the things I love.



~ Rowley ~


5 Days By The Razor

Life has presented me with the desireable opportunity of trying life as an unemployed musician – I finished up yesterday at my job after several years of service, and I don’t start the new one until Monday, 5 days from now. Of course in reality I jest, and those amongst us who are talented enough to do this for real will certainly scorn my pitiful attempt; but to someone who has towed the company line for quite some time, five days of mental freedom has left me with what I can only assume is the look and feeling a puppy gets at the park the moment it realises that the *click* it just heard was the sweet release of dog leash freedom.


So here we go.

Previous Night’s Bedtime: ~11pm
Woke up: 6:45am

A poor start, I know. Now, if these two figures were to be rehearsed…then perhaps I’d earn a little respect. But as it is, I’m an early riser. The 11pm was actually uncharacteristly early too. But I’ve spent the rest of the day trying to improve. For starters,  I got up and grabbed a cup of tea, and promptly went back to bed. By 9ish this had worn pretty thin…so I got up and jumped on the piano.

Then it was time for the haircut.

I HATE having my hair the same day in, day out. So, whenever a holiday arrives, the haircut is the first ritual. Colour changes are a little ambitious with a 5 day schedule (although a rock and roll themed Christmas party looks to be a promising excuse), so I tend to stick to the razor. Asymmetry is a staple in my holiday life, so the cut was made. Come Sunday night I’ll return to the schoolboy trim a job requires, but from here until then I’ll live my little freedom.

Man I love messing with my hair.

From here Coffee became imperative. Then it was home to reorganise the music studio…this takes longer than you’d think, but I love the fact that every distraction serves to be proactive – piano playing, mixer tweaking, speaker speaking. The first beer at 2pm was lovely.

Not working also means that I can perfect the other necessities of the ‘position filled’. I’ve never made dal before.  My sister tells me it is extremely important to cultivate the ‘starving musician’ image if I’m to be taken seriously…so it’s out with meat and in with budget tastiness – that’s on the stove simmering now. Did I mention multi-tasking? Post writing and cooking…simultaneous!

Rehearsal is tonight…tomorrow the Ed G band breaks in a new drummer, the fabulous Miro Mackie of Little Scout fame. Come to the end and see us celebrate my new life status!

I’m pretty happy right now :)

The 90s Hair

Basil Ballads

Supporting Tim Freedman

Because hair grows back, and cutting it is fun :)

The End Is Nigh

I’m at home rehearsing for the show at The End next week.  I’m really looking forward to it…although I’ll admit that I’m fast learning that rehearsing on my own is no where near as much fun as rehearsing with a band!  Still, I’ve put down the electric guitar and picked up the acoustic for the first time in what seems like ages, and I’ve got a glass of scotch in front of me so it can’t be too bad!   I’m trawling through some old recordings to pull out something different for the gig. The End has put together a lovely poster, which I would have uploaded here for all to see, but I’m getting the silent treatment from WordPress, so here is a link instead.

Anyway, feel free to come along next Tuesday – it’s free and I’ll be on from 8pm.  I plan to spend my bar tab and gig fee on a few beers and a laugh with anyone around as I’ve got cause to celebrate, so it should be fun.  Viva la Midweek Beer!


The Pecking Order Of Things

Tonight I learned that procrastination comes in all forms.  Normally I’d be trying to avoid real work, and I’d pick up a guitar or a book.

But tonight with several shows on the horizon, I was supposed to rehearse.  Instead, halfway through the first song, I veered off and wrote a new song. From start to finish.  With vocals, guitar, 2 part harmony, drums and a keyboard.

All to avoid rehearsing.  Hmm.  I could be on to something…

In other news, congrats to the extremely talented Edward Guglielmino for his shortlisting in the Grant McLennan Memorial Fellowship – I’m lucky enough to play and hang out with such a talented chap!  You should give him a listen.

Here we are playing together at the recent launch at the Judith Wright Centre.  (Photo care of Jen Dainer of Madhouse Studios…another talented soul!)

Ed G (centre) on stage with Shem, Kirsty, Sam and I at the Ed G album launch

Have a good week…we’re on the way back towards summer now! Yay!

Things I’ve learned from the recording process…

My friends are quick to remind me that I’ve taken an awfully long time to record my own album. And they’re right too…right now I can’t remember if I started in 2010 or 2009 (or earlier!?). But it certainly hasn’t been wasted time – I’ve learned a lot since my first indignation when my producer laughed out loud when I said “…I’ve worked it out and it should only take me 3 months – 4 Max – to record a whole album…”. So I figured I’d jot down some of the wisdom I’ve garnered. The first may come as no surprise…

(1) It will take longer than you expect. Much longer.
(2) What sounded amazing to begin with will eventually sound shit.
(3) What sounded shit will eventually sound amazing.
(4) No one will agree with you in either case.
(5) You say ‘click track’, I say ‘soul-less hell’.
(6) Your idea is not better than mine. (Your idea was better than mine).
(7) Any run of perfect health will always drastically end the day before a vocal take.
(8) The probability that the take will be amazing is indirectly proportionate to the likelihood that you’ll remember to press ‘Record’.
(9) Ditto for ‘computer freeze’ and ‘sudden noisy bus’ outside.
(10) The plugin is a lie.

With more recording on the way I’d say it is safe to say the list will grow… Happy Tuesday!